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Over 4,300 Boys & Girls Clubs across the United States are changing young lives each day. And each day, our professional staff at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater La Crosse are faced with a daunting challenge; take one day, one program, one hour to help turn a life in the right direction. To keep a child engaged and eager to learn more. To create a relationship that will provide positive influences for a lifetime.
The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater La Crosse is a safe place for youth from all backgrounds to learn and grow, with special concern for those from challenging circumstances. The Clubs provide the opportunities and resources for youth to carry out their dreams and goals. We want to inspire our youth, impact our youth, and also invest in them for years to come. We want our Clubs to become the backbone of their existence and success.

Along with playing and having fun with friends, the Club also provides activities in the areas of education and career development, the arts, health and life skills, and character and leadership development. The Club’s vast array of services helps bridge the gap that has increasingly widened between available and quality services for our youth.
Health & Wellness
Career Development 
Character & Leadership
The Arts 
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